updated: 31/03/2011
created by: CSS
Skyline Drifters - Marillion and Fish Tribute Band


Skyline Drifters, Garden Party 2001


After our now customary three year gap, we're delighted to announce that we'll be back on stage - and including Mr Turrell this time - at the Summer Garden Party, on June 11th, near Cirencester. Full details on the Gigs page and Facebook.

I believe we also still have some Skyline Drifters "Any Time, Any Place, Any Where" t-shirts - including the rather spiffing Ladies model - which you can buy on the day, or from here !!


"...Then the Skyline Drifters. There's nothing I can say that would honestly come up to the standards that these guys played the other night. Following a mini Brave suite, we had Beyond You, AoS, Cinderella Search, Misplaced Childhood Part I... And with everyone jumping around the dancefloor, it was quite a mad evening. The playing was spot on and everyone was into it!..."