updated: 31/03/2011
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Skyline Drifters - Marillion and Fish Tribute Band
Rich Harding - Vocals
Rich Harding - Vocals
First Band Seen Live: Hazel O'Connor (Oxford 1981)
Last Band Seen Live: Marillion (Paradiso, December 2007)
First Record Bought: The Barron Knights - A Taste of Aggro (single)
ELO - Discovery (album)
Last Record Bought: Radiohead - In Rainbows (on vinyl, of course!)
Last Book Read: Robert K Massie's biography of Peter the Great
(also my favourite book)
Last Film Watched: Some shite on telly
I don't really "do" cinemas
Favourite Film: Blade Runner
Desert Island Luxury: My Norwegian Forest Cat, Shelley
Favourite 3 Bands (All Time): Rush, Marillion, New Model Army
Favourite 3 Bands (Currently): Marillion, Muse, Porcupine Tree
Favourite Marillion Track: Splintering Heart
Favourite Fish Track: Vigil
Biggest Musical Influences: Billy MacKenzie, Hazel O'Connor, Justin Sullivan, Steve Hogarth
Most Memorable Experience: 15 gigs in 18 days on a tour of Central America with the Allnight Chemists in 1989, including a full live show on Mexican telly
Equipment: Trantec SM58 Radio Mic, Deep Pink Crushed Velvet Coat, Bondage Trousers
Tony Makos is a bass player resident in Edinburgh. Oh, hang on, that's one of the others' biogs...
Okay, well, Rich Harding has been singing since before he could talk and trying unsuccessfully for the last twenty years to make a living out of it. So he writes computer programs and builds websites instead. He also spend his spare time, when he has any, paragliding and motorcycling. Contrary to popular perceptions, the latter is *far* more dangerous.
After thrashing out bad covers in his first school band, the imaginatively titled Dick Hardon & The Erections 1985, his live debut at a university review went down surprisingly well; the first song anyway - Frankie's The Power of Love. A somewhat surprising mood change saw this followed with Motorhead's We Are The Road Crew, accompanied by most of the audience making a sharp exit.
Having already notched up the Colston Hall as a choirboy, Rich has since collected the rest of the West of England's main venues and a handful of TV appearances, with bands as diverse as mid-eighties prog throwbacks, Heart of Gold, and post-grunge guitar duellists, Hangman, whilst singularly failing to find a band that could stay together long enough to actually do something meaningful.
He's currently also singing with Bristol heavies, Twisted.